My girlfriend is wearing a costume to a pub party tomorrow but I think it's too revealing, should I tell her not to wear it and not to go?

Our college is having like a pub/bar costume party. I'm not going cause i have other things to do but my girlfriend wants to go and she showed me her costume and i like it myself but i bit revealing with the boobs though. I mean i want her to have fun but i'm scared other guys will look and stare. If i tell her not to go i know she will be mad at me and want to go anyways. I mean do you think if it's ok for her to go? What do you girls think if you were my girlfriend in this position?


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  • Just do what you have to do and meet up with her at the party later when ur done. Or if u don't go & she goes just, Trust that she knows how to handle herself appropriately. Most likely, there will be guys there looking at her cuz that's what guys do. Guys are always going to be around, its unavoidable. But Trust her & don't worry so much, she's just going to have fun, not going for the guys, She's yours. :)

    • yeah that is true. I will be picking up her and her friends when its done. I do trust her. We've been dating for 4 months and she is my first girlfriend so i want to make sure it's good and what not. I dont want to mess up

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    • yuup

    • :) :)

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  • Don't know what it looks like, so have no thoughts on it. And even if I did, it is up to her. You cannot tell her what she can and cannot do, though you can let her know you concerns.


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  • So what if they stare, she's with you. I think it would be a mistake to tell her you think it's too revealing. That kind of thing doesn't go down well.

    • I dont want guys to stare but i mean i know it will happen. Yeah i guess she can wear it. I dont want to be controlling

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