Guys, what do you think of this type of girl and would you date her?

An 18 yr old, intelligent, cheeky, flirtatious, pretty, cute girl that wears short, pretty playsuits, necklaces that say "Kitten" or "Lolita", plaits and likes to sarcastically tease. Also with a very feminine, vulnerable and playful energy. Prefers to date older men in their 30s to 50s and is bisexual.
Can speak a few different languages and is a writer.
If you're a man how do you react to such girls, especially when they approach you? Would you approach them them too?



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  • I like writers and artists in particular, as I like spending time with creative people. Intelligent is a huge plus, feminine is nice, cute is obviously good. Bisexual doesn't mean anything because I am a man, so as long as she isn't lesbian-exclusive I don't care what else she likes.

    A lot of it depends on how they present themselves. There are ways to be 'young and fun' without being 'childish'. A 'child-like sense of wonder' can be a great trait, whereas a 'child-like inability to know when something is or is not appropriate' is a much less attractive trait.

    If she is a little looking for a DD, that is a different thing, and I look for different things in that case. But if she is looking for an equal partner, then there are certain traits that make me more or less likely to approach, or to be open to an approach.

    Location and circumstance would be important too. I definitely wouldn't approach someone looking like they were late teen/early 20s at a bus stop, for example. But if there was one on a dating site with a stated preference for people in that age range, I would be more likely to do something about it.


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  • Some of them would be interested in her, while others wouldn't.


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  • Iam all ways open to talking to woman age doesn't matter. If she's flirtatious it received well and I find it stimulating and flattering. I find most women enjoyable to talk too.

  • Goodness, I would never trust a young girl who exclusively goes only for older men.

    • why not?

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    • Maybe they just prefer experienced men? Then again, you're 23.. a bit too young.

    • As I said: overcompensating.

  • gotta see face first.


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