Tinder guy: whats his deal?

Recently matched up with a guy, whom we have mutual friends with, we chatted for little bit, and exchanged numbers. He's been texting me like every day, asking me questions and what not. We're both in college, and I'm usually busy and don't check my phone till later on in the day, when I do text back, he replies quickly. I don't really get the guy. I usually use tinder to meet new people and go on dates, but the past few dates I've been on, I've never really had daily conversations via text. We're going on a date next week. He seems interesting, but i have no idea if he's just a weirdo, wants sex, or I don't know. Why is he texting me and seeming like he wants to get to know me?


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  • I suppose you won't know until you either figure it out yourself or you ask those mutual friends you have that may know. Perhaps he just finally has the chance to talk to you. Good luck!


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