Does he like me? Yes or no?

Okay so I am going to try to keep this as short as possible, but there is this guy named Rhett that I really like. And he often flirts with me in a way. He teases me sometimes, like he playfully teases me. And he often stares at me A LOT he can't keep his eyes off of me. I will see him in the hallway at school and we will walk by each other and he will stare at my face, and I will stare back and he won't look away. And sometimes he smiles at me when he stares. Also there will be times where I will walk past him and he will stare at me, and when I pass him completely he will turn around or turn his head and watch me walk away. And he initiates most of our conversations. I was also absent from school today and he texted me asking me where I was, also I missed a day of school not too long ago and he also asked me where I was, and then the next day I showed up and he said "I'm glad you came to school today" and sometimes at school he will walk up to me and talk to me. Also a friend of mine asked him if we were "talking" and he said yes. Do you think he likes me?

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  • he likes you, but be careful. When i ran cross country in 8th grade, this boy really liked me. He texted me every night, called me beautiful. And then he started like doing weird things. Like when i'd get on the bus to go to a meet, he told everyone i was going to sit by him so everyone said, "hey you gotta sit there, thats where he's gonna sit. It was really uncomfortable. And then he kept asking about going out and I kept putting it off. And finally he was like "well do you hate me or what?" and i felt really bad so i said, well lets wait 30 days. So this whole 30 days he had like a countdown, And he was excited to date me and i was dreading every second of it. So finally, it got down to that day and I just pretended to be sick to say home from school. I was freaked out. And then he texted me that night and was like "so are we going out?" andI told him that I didn't want to and he said that "if you don't go out with me, I'll kill myself." so i freaked out and told my favorite teacher at the time and he took care of it. The moral of the story is just be careful. And don't lead him on if you don't like him like he likes you.

    • the reason I told you this story is because the things you said rhett does, reminded me a lot of what the kid in the story did to me.

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  • you clearly like him omfg

  • Yep, I think that guy is into you.

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