When can I expect her to bring up where we stand?

So I've been dating this girl for the past month, we've been on 3 dates all of which have gone amazingly well and have ended with us sleeping together. We text/talk everyday throught the day and she's always telling me she likes me and that she misses me. It's already starting to feel like we're in a new relationship. When can I expect her to want to talk about what we want and what we consider ourselves? I'm never bringing it up if I don't have to haha, I'm just going to wait for her to want to talk about it. Also, the reason I don't want to bring it up is because I actually want to be the one chased for a change if that makes sense (she was the one that showed interest first), since I've ALWAYS been the pursuer, I kind of want to ride the wave for the first time ever hahaha if that makes sense.


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  • It sounds like your relationship is doing great!!!

    • yea it is 😊, just wondering when she'll want to have "the talk"

  • You're going to lose her if she always has to pursue you. It's not in a woman's nature. Deep down she building resentment and will feel uncredited for. It's supposed to be give and take. I think u should bring it up.

    • I'm extremely sweet and caring towards her, she's told me plenty of times and has told me I treat her so well. Believe me, she knows I like her and I show it every chance I get. I know it's childish, but it's the first time that I've had a girl have stronger feelings for me than I do for her since I fall really hard and fast, she just seems to have done it faster than me which is something I'm not used to, but really really enjoy :)

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