What is an endearing personality in a girl?

I am an 18 yr old girl and often get told I am 'cute' and 'endearing'. I am very energetic, quirky, sweet, slightly reserved but very emotionally open, loving and child-like. Simple joys like going out for an ice cream, cute animals, wearing ribbons in my hair and cute feminine clothing make me feel excited and enthusiastic and bring a huge smile to my face.

I have noticed that men and women tend to find this appealing; particularly men. They describe it as "endearing". What is it so much that men like about it, from a psychological perspective?

I am just asking this question out of curiousity :)



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  • It's happy, it's cheerful, it's playful. It makes us feel good to see and be around, what's not to get? What do you think they are supposed to want? I find those things very attractive and adorable. Those things don't come as naturally to men, or rather they don't really manifest as an expression, but girls (especially cute ones) have a special place in male psychology that lets them more easily appreciate those things by being with you, by seeing your enjoyment of those things. Thus you bring joy to their lives.

    I think more men (quantity) appreciate your personality even more (intensity) than you can tell because they simply don't express it as much. Naturally I think women would more often find masculine personalities appealing. Now, it's not specifically about sex but it's obviously rooted in sexuality and gender-specific perspective. Surprise surprise, boys would like cute females in their lives to bring about happiness, didn't see that one coming. Lol.

    You like cute animals? Well I like 'em too, but I also like seeing you smile. You like fireworks? Well me too, but I'll spend half the time looking at your face light up instead of the fireworks. Maybe girls just don't like guys as much but the reason guys feel this way is just because guys like girls, they really like girls. Girls, at their best, are simply wonderful. They bring happiness and joy, comfort and safety. I hope I'm making sense by now because I don't know how much more I can reiterate this. :)

    • I just thought that if it were that obvious, more girls would be that way? i have a childish gait, skip, hum songs to myself, run around a lot, but I usually see girls my age wearing super high heels and going out clubbing like a person in their 20s would do. That's all, I am not totally ignorant :)

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    • They're too loud and noisy, so I start crying. I am very sensitive to my environment.

    • I get that kind of thing too. Too much loud noise and commotion, literally just drains energy from me. Things that drain energy can still be enjoyable but after a little while it's like I just need to move away from that so I can breathe and hear myself think for a while. I suppose that makes me fairly introverted as well as sensitive.

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  • I suppose it's endearing because it makes you seem child-like... which makes sense, since you're still a child lol.