Girls, when you tell someone their voice sounds interesting?

Was talking to my friend over facebook and leaving those audio messages you can send.

She said she thinks my voice sounds interesting.

Any ideas as to the meaning, what the heck could "interesting" mean?


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  • If you're from another country, she probably likes your accent. Also, she could just think your voice is sexy. Most women are very mental when it comes to what turns them on, so, by interesting, she could be saying your voice is hot. On the opposite side of things, it could also mean she doesn't like your voice. Ask another woman in your life what she thinks about your voice, that might help figure out whether it's good out bad she thinks your voice is interesting. If the woman you know says good things, it probably means interesting is a compliment. More likely than not though, it's a compliment.

    • Thanks a lot, this is what I was looking for - the range of worst possible to best possible. MHO

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  • An intriguing accent.
    The intonations and rhythm to your vocals?
    The choice of words.

    It could mean a lot of things.

    That's like asking what does "Breakfast at Tiffany's" mean.

    • Obviously not the answer I was looking for. If thats what I wanted to hear I wouldn't have asked. Ill limit my options to girls only next time

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    • Could be, or could be the opposite. Girls do use certain terminology to imply, Sarahbear97 answered well

    • lol , anyway only the girl who said it holds the hidden meaning behind the word "interesting".