Does anyone else find dating a complete waste of time?

Does anyone else find online dating or dating a complete waste of time?

for online dating is there any reason to write messages and never get a response back. i mean is it that hard to not just say something. i don't really care if its a no thankyou. i already have someone etc. at least saying something is better than nothing.

and for dating in the real world. anyone should be allowed to ask anybody for a date. you ask. they give their opinion. you move on. not. you ask. they act like your too good for them. they say no way cause your "this", they laugh at you. and tons of other things. then you move on

sorry for the rant. but why can't other people give others a chance. why is dating like this. why does dating suck soo much


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  • Because a lot of girls are full of themselves I gave up on dating and just do things I like to do and meet girls that way but I don't do those things specifically to meet girls it just happens IG it happens kind of thing

  • No I don't think so