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Last Feb I started to fall for a friend. He fell too. Things change after we both knew. He smiled more and looked at me differently. He even said I love a few times, though we weren't dating. Then myroommate started messing with me, she literally drove me crazy. I started breaking down and freaking out a lot. Then at dinner at our school for theater he came up and held me. He told me that my roommate was changing me and I needed to get away. I didn't believe him at the time. I felt a shift when he pulled away. He began avoiding me. later he told me he wasn't going to be home for the summer because he was going to Alaska for an internship and he'd see me when school got back. We still had a month of the semester so I asked what he meant and he said it was in my best interest if we didn't talk for awhile until I was better. He didn't completely avoid me because he and I talked a few times after but not everyday. He told me I was vulnerable and he was impulsive so he couldn't hang out yet. another time he said the reason he was going was to get financially prepared for marriage and I could heal. The summer came. He didn't have cell reception often, we hardly spoke. Then I'm the hospital dying (my roommate tried to kill me) and he obviously was concerted but didn't spear to me directly, he contacted through a mutual friend (we were told not to talk by our bishop-LDS) He then told her that he wasn't sure I was the one and a argument stared between them ( a on th where he'd say one thing then another. (It stopped in July) the semester started. (Roommates gone) Im getter then normal (he says) we're friends again. We've had moments too. (Like romantic dance at a ball) but we haven't talked about us. We don't really sinse our schedules defer. Now we have both been casted in a play so now we will se each other daily. We don't have an excuse. I want to be with him but I'm to scared to talk. What if he doesn't want to be with me? Or he stops being my friend? Is it too late? Wha


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  • He was in 50 50 mind. Frankly he felt with you. But later he started loving another girl. And she is not a good girl according to me. He will realize in future. Now if you talk anything he will take in different mind set. So please keep calm. And tell to him we are good friends. Believe me he will call you back. Be patient. :) Avoid friendship with your room mate.

    • your right, he did start to like for another girl but she turned out to be lesbian and she doesn't believe in god. she told him some hurtful things so he doesn't even want to be her friend. She moved anyway. His brother told me the other day when I asked about her.(I knew who she was)

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