Does having had a girlfriend=experience?

I am just starting to date a guy who is really great. He is quiet, but I wouldn't necessarily call him shy. However, I feel like he is a little inexperienced when it comes to dating. I have had to initiate most things from the first conversation to the first date. He dated one other girl before me, from 14-18. I feel like this could be the cause because starting a relationship as a 14 yr. old is vastly different than as a 22 year old. Am I right in assuming this? Or is it more likely that he just doesn't have as much interest in me as I thought?


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  • It will be very hard to know if he is in to you or not if you keep initiating everything. You've already done enough. If he does not continue the process of seeing each other, you have your answer.

    Just consider that if you do not turn over the reigns to him to start initiating some of the moves, you will be stuck with getting the 2nd date going, the 3rd date, the first kiss, sex, engagement, marriage... You may think I am being dramatic but I have a few divorced girlfriends in their 40's who started off with their husbands doing what you did. They ended up with men who stayed with them because it was easy, not because they were loving husbands who treasured their wives.