Guy I'm dating intimidated by my money?

So I've been dating this guy for about a month. We've been in six dates we have slept together and everything has been totally great. When we aren't hanging out he makes it a point to check in with me via text everyday. So the last date things conversations are getting less surface level and we talk about money. He works at a big finance firm but also on the weekends works at a restaurant. I go to a private school for graduate school and for the most part my parents are supporting me. The last date he kept asking how much everything I was wearing cost/ how much money I'll make when I'm out of school all very awkward questions. Anyways he didn't text me the next day which is so odd. So basically it's been a whole day that I haven't heard from him and I'm starting to think when he was asking me questions he just maybe felt like he couldn't keep up or that I was high maintenance. I'm pretty bummed about it if that's the case thoughts would be great.


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  • I wouldn't read to much into it just yet, it could be innocent enough, but if he is intimidated by money, then really, maybe you should be concerned about him, because if a guy cannot take you as you are, then they are frauds and expect to be able to control a lot of the relationship, so allow him to lay his cards down, but if he don't, then you know your one of the girls who were to much for the chump, x


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  • Why don't you text him for a change? Arrange another date and explain to him that you're not high maintenance, if that's what he thinks.

    • Plus, it's only been a day. He might just be very busy or he has forgotten to text you. Shit happens, doesn't really have to mean anything significant.

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    • Ok so maybe tomorrow ( since it's Halloween tonight and I know he works at the restaurant) maybe I just text him and see if he wants to like grab an easy dinner or coffee as a break then? And then I can gage his reaction and go from there

    • Sounds like a good plan, tell me if it works out!