Does she even like me? I don't really like her that much? I like her more as a friend but I would go out with her? People think I like her?

There is this girl I have been friends with for three years now, I met her my freshman year of high school. Freshman year they changed the school zoning and I had to go to a new high school with new people in a new town, and I had to leave all of my other friends. She was also new to the school because she moved from another town. So we were both new, and she got a ton of friends instantly (she is hot). I knew some of the kids beause we got moved to the same school, I made some new friends too (not nearly as much). We talked a lot in class, but most of the time I couldn't because everyone was trying to talk to her. But she gave me this really funny nickname (she still calls me it to this day) and made everybody I know call me that as well. We would talk a lot on twitter too, sometimes with my friends. I remember one time I was at this teen club and I almost hooked up with another girl. My friends were talking about it on twitter, and she was asking: Did he really? Who was it? Really? She sounded a little jealous. She also used to hug me in class sometimes. Sophomore year, my friends kept posting on twitter that we were the class couple. And rumors that I hooked up with her (which I never said). We talked on twitter in the beginning of the year and then she stopped after awhile. Soon She stopped talking to me (we talked on occasion), and she got a boyfriend. Then towards the end of the year she talked to me again (They broke up). Junior year she talked to me again, whenever she would see me in the hallway she would say wats up (my name) my nigga? and we would fist bump or something. The second semester she was in one of my classes and she sat next to another one of her friends ( a guy). He was the funny kid in class and always made her laugh. She did sit next to me instead of him on a couple occasions. She gave me her phone number, I never had it cause we just talked on twitter.

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I think its funny that everytime I texted her, she only replied once or twice then stopped. I see her texting a lot so I know that she has full text convos with other people, she just did it to me. I still don't understand why. I feel like I have done something wrong. At the end of the year she told me to come over to her house later, I said sure whats the address. Then she started laughing for some reason, I said whatever than the bell rang. I never went to her house. So this year (Senior year)
she is being weird too. Whenver I see her in the hall she says hey wats up my nigga __ ? But whenever I try to fist bump her she is like "DONT TOUCH ME! NO PHYSICAL CONTACT!" My friends are still teasing us too! At homecoming she sat next to me with her best friend and she kept talking to my friends and not me! I thought she sat next to me to talk! I bought her and her BFF food and she was really happy and said "AW". She said she would come to my house the next day and pay me back? I said no.


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  • There is a possibility but ask her. You don't want to just keep guessing


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  • She COULD. Why don't you like her if she's hot and she's your friend?

    • I'm just not sure if I would like dating her, I do think she is attractive though. I also think I might like someone else.