Girls, Would you consider dating a guy less educated than you?

Suppose you are a post graduate, or a phD, would you consider dating a guy who only holds a bachelor's degree, if you click with him in most other ways?

I currently hold a bachelor's degree, and I won't benefit much by doing a Master's degree in my profession. I do have a reasonably good job, and certain career goals as well.

I have noticed that most women who are more qualified/educated compared to me, usually aren't interested in dating me. Or maybe I just get that vibe, I don't know.

Do I have to reduce my dating pool to only women who hold a bachelor’s degree or lower?

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I'm also told that I'm quite intelligent, and have good problem solving skills. I'm ambitious as well.


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  • Absolutely. As long as he isn't a lot less intelligent or ambitious than me.

    • Good to know that! Thanks for your opinion! :)

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    • Me too! :D Well, I've almost got my Bachelor's Degree. So I see your point. Getting a Master's Degree for Computer Science is useless unless you want to pursue a teaching career, so I won't be getting one either.

    • Yeah, it doesn't really serve any purpose! I may eventually go for a part time post graduate degree, but it's a remote possibility.

      Anyway, pleased to meet a fellow Computer graduate! 😊

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  • As long as you're not an idiot, are well-informed and well-read, it wouldn't matter to me. Degrees have nothing to do with being an idiot.

    • Good to know that! Thanks!

  • Sure.. if he is earning well.. that's all that matters cuz he can take care of himself pretty good.. he doesn't need a degree to date me.. lol.. that sounds silly

    • Then I wonder why women who have anything more than a bachelor's degree, usually consider me as 'inferior' or something, although I earn pretty decently. :(

    • You haven't dated all women.. 😕 you just had a bad experience with a few.. don't let I take you down.. and don't think every educated women would be like that.. and this all might be just in YOUR head..

    • Yeah, I suppose this might just be in my head, but maybe not always.

  • Yes he could be book smart without an education.

    • I do have education, but only a bachelor's degree!

      Thanks for answering, though! :)

    • haha better than me I don't have anything! I am not even book smart!

  • That depends. If a guy didn't get an education because he was just lazy or something then I'll be turned off. But if he didn't get it because of something out of his control, or because it would be useless (as in your case), then I wouldn't mind.

    • Yeah, a master's degree makes no sense at all in my field, except if I was in the teaching profession. So I see no point in wasting my time and money in obtaining a masters' degree which won't benefit me much anyway.

      Thanks for your opinion, makes me feel better! :)

    • @Asker What field do you work in, if I may ask?