Is it ok to ask a girl out with a note you give to her in person?

I'm in college. More specifically a freshman at a university. This girl I like just transferred here from a community college in town. I've already talked to her a few times and I've found out she's a junior. Anyway, she's a little bit of a nerd. A little quiet and shy too. I only see her in the same study lounge I met her in, so the environment is full of people and really quiet like a library. Because she's shy, I don't feel like asking her aloud is the best option, so I was planning on asking her in a note I give to her personally. What do you guys think? And what should I say?


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  • It's a cute gesture. Yeah, why not?
    Just ask if you can take her out sometime and put your number in there.

    • I'd love to take her out, but sadly I don't own a car... She does... I was thinking about just asking her to do something with me around campus like lunch or some kind of fun activity. Also, we both like anime, so I was thinking of including some Japanese candy in the note and just saying something like "I thought you might like this. I wanted to give this to you regardless of whether your answer is a yes or a no" at the end of the note I write her. I still don't know exactly what I'm going to say though and whether I should give her the note and wait for her response or give it to her as I'm leaving and give her my number like you said.

    • Ahhhh, that sounds like a good idea, I would just leave out the "regardless if it's yes or no" part. You sound like a thoughtful person and she will see that just by you making the extra effort to give her something/the note in general.

    • Ok, thanks so much!

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  • Asking her out in writing is better than not doing it at all, right? Go for it.


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  • sure lol I've been asked out on a piece of paper


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