Live in an unknown city'?

first time moving out at 23 and i dont know if i should stay in my hometown or move away forever to a big urban city. i dont have friends or family over there and im all alone, as a woman, is it better to stay close to family or dodge the bullet and go! i dont know the city or the mentality or anything


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  • Moving away was one of the best things I ever did!! It's tough at first, but teaches you to be out of your comfort zone! The city will be fun, introduce yourself to people and get out and meet others.

    • but i have a hard time making friends with women, they are Always so catty and i dont know... my hometown is also nice and quiet but something about the city but im just scared

    • Can I ask what city?

  • That's the real challenge. I suggest you put yourself through it the only thing will happen is that you'll grow out of it and you'll know your limits. Getting out of your comfort zone teaches you a lot about life! Good luck!


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