Where do I stand with this chick?

I've known her since school began. I got her phone number about five weeks after that, and I've texted her many times since. I have never called because 1. I fear not knowing what to say. 2. I don't know if that's a good idea anymore. I've asked if she wants to do something with me. The first few times she either did not reply or backed out when I gave her one (out of politeness). I let two or three weeks pass to ask something again.

I kept texting and seeing her around, ocassionally running in to her and eating lunch at the University dining hall. This past weekend I tried to ask for a selfie, for my phone contacts. No reply. Several hours later I ask "Did you get my message?" she said "Yea". I left it at that. This week on Tuesday I ran in to her at the dining hall again, and ate lunch with her again. This time there was this guy I' seen around before but never talked to. She seemed to find him funny, playing with her hair and stuff.

She has to date never texted me first. The only we time we did anything together besides lunch was when we had a floor (she lives a floor below me in the dorms) activity at a local canyon. She brought some male friends that time...

Two days ago I wanted to know if she wanted to do something together, like at all, ever. I sent this: "Hey do you want to do something outside of school together sometime?". Her reply was "If I can find the time" and a smiley... I understand that she works while going to school.

Last night a friend of mine invited me to a party, I'd never been to a party before. I asked her if she wanted to go along. She replied that she had some homework to catch up on. I left it at that.

I'm at this point where I don't know if she wants to ever hang out with me, and if she values me and my time as much as I do hers. If she doesn't, I am past caring, so whatever. Yet this brings me to a conundrum: I've never had any luck with

God damnit GAG what the fuck ever. I wrote a lot more than what appeared on this page. So much for giving enough info and getting a good answer. Thank you for trying though AmmountFord6


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  • I think you should back off. Seems to me that she isn't interested in you. If people care then they will find the time to make time for you. If you see her eating then just stop to say hey but not to eat lunch with her unless she asks you to. It gives her her space and it's ok to check up on her every now and then but if she really wants to talk to you she would.
    I hope this helps!


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