Girls, my girlfriend is very controlling?

My girlfriend was a very nice and friendly girl when we first met, but she controls my actions lately.

1. she asks why do I go to the gym? Why am I trying to impress other girls? (I just want to be healthy)?

2. She hates it when I hangout with friends (guys and girls), and often forbids me from seeing them. I hugged some female friends and she slapped me hard. her slap made me fall to the ground (nothing major).

3. She controls what I eat and even tries to order me food when we go out. I want to eat healthy and pick my choices.

4. I am doing a master's in Comp Sci (VERY time-consuming), and she underestimates the coursework. She yells at me for spending too much time on hw and with my team.

5. She refuses me sex. She is not cheating, as she has almost no life outside me, work, and gaming.

6. Ironically, she thinks I play too many games or watch too much Netflix while I barely get an hour a WEEK due to school, work, friends, and responsibilities.

7. I went to Denny's and got back at 4 AM from a friend's dinner party, and she screamed at me.

I met another girl who encourages friendships, hobbies, career and gives me sex. I started cheating on my girlfriend and have done so for the past half year. I would leave my girlfriend but we live together, and I rely on her for money for outings and games.


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