Should I try to keep things going?

I was at a party with my friends last night, there was alcohol and we met these girls. We ended up satying with them for the rest of the night and drinking. Anyway she got tried and was sleeping on my shoulder and playing with my hands. After we left the party, we kissed. And when i dropped her off at her house we made out. What i want to know is, did this happen because she drank, or was she actually into me?


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  • its very likely both. most girls like to blame alcohol for acting crazy, but the majority of the time we tend to be more honest then anything. like the last time i was drunk out of my mind, i ended up texting this guy i was kind of crushing on and i just went onnnnnnnnnnnnnn about all the things i want to do with him. it was so embarrassing! aha i mean he liked it but i felt like i went completely overboard (i said some FREEEEEAKY things) because im usually more like to myself so of course, i just blamed it on the alcohol. but in reality i did want everything i said. just like if he was around, i probably would've done it all too.

    • So you think it probably wasn't the Alcohol?

    • well a part of it was alcohol for sure, but the fact that she chose you wasn't just an accident.

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  • Just ask her. It could have been the alcohol, its could be she actually liked you. Only she knows the answer to your questions.