What does it mean when you keep asking your boyfriend to hang out but he never does?

my boyfriend and I have been dating over a month almost and we haven't have anytime to hangout and its not like I'm not asking him its just sometimes he can't or makes excuses about it but when he can't he doesn't even show that he cares


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  • so you haven't hung out in a month? and he has no legit reason? like school?

    my boyfriend use to have duty, classes, and police school and we still saw each other 1-2 times a week and I thought that was rough. luckily that's over now. but I knew he had legit reasons for being busy. He never even saw his friends. so is he too busy because he's hanging out with other people?

    • Well he hangs out with other people and there was school reason too but he just doesn't seem to care sometimes when he says he can't hang out with me and stuff

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    • About a month

    • And you guys aren't long distance? if so there's no reason to stay. he's ditching you completely for friends. a month is waaay too long. a week should be the longest in my opinion. 2 weeks if something serious is going on