Girls, top 3 signs you are interested in a guy and want to be more than friends?

Simple question. Simple answers.

There is this girl at work who I've known for years and lately we've been flirting. Thing is she just got out of a bad break up and I assume still talks to her ex. I know I have to move slow but she has her guard up and I can't tell sometimes if she is still interested in me. One day we'll flirt, next day not so much. Help.


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  • Staring. If I like you, I will stare because you're beautiful & I need a good image so I can later day dream about our entire future together.

    Talking. If you don't initiate conversation, you better believe I will. And I will do what I can do keep it going. Also, I will say your name often just because I like the sound of it on my tongue.

    Lastly, physical contact. Whether it's a playful punch on the shoulder or leaning on you for support while I glimpse over your shoulder, I will find a way for us to connect.

    Lol, these are all very subtle signs. If you go to the extreme, it'll be creepy. Maybe look for some of these things when you're talking to your crush. Give her time, and hopefully she'll begin to feel more comfortable. :3 Good luck!


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  • Well... This is my awkward way of flirting when interested in someone:

    1. I approach that person a lot
    2. I laugh like a maniac even when that person say something which is not funny
    3. Hands, arms, foots are very near. I try to '' accidently'' crash into that person to get close contact to that person.

    Well... that is the only things that comes to my mind.

  • 1. Saying it out loud
    2. Constantly wanting to meet him
    3. Being flirty verbally and physically

    • Can you elaborate more on number 3? lol

    • Flirting is pretty straightforward, at least when I do it. I can't speak for anyone else or what they consider flirting.

    • on* not or*

  • 3 signs:

    1. She watches you when you're not looking
    2. She actually talks / texts with you often and she clearly enjoys it
    3. She touches you a lot and wants to spend time with you

    • She does number 1 a lot. I haven't asked for her number yet because I know that's a huge step and I don't wanna move in so fast. Thanks for the answer!

  • ignoring him
    insulting him
    and getting very sarcastic

    yes, I am sick!

    • LOL she actually ignores me sometimes. what's the deal with that?

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