We didn't talk for months, I contacted him and now we talk like nothing happened?

This guy and I was dating at the beginning of 2015 but in march I told him that I don't want to keep seeing him anymore and I said that I didn't have feelings for him, I was confused by my feelings and I was scared to become more serious and in a relationship. I cried and we didn't talk, then it was my birthday and he was the first one who texted and said "happy birthday" but nothing more than that. I contacted him a few weeks later asking how he's been (bc I missed him and wanted to try again) and we texted and then he said that he is dating someone else AFTER LIKE 3 WEEKS. And we didn't talk more and this was in April.

It was his birthday a few days ago and I texted him and said "happy birthday" and he said that it's been a long time since last time we talked, which was true bc it was 5-6 months ago. Now we've been talked in days since this and I'm so confused. Yesterday he told me randomly that he will have a party at his house today and later on he asked me about my plans for today and I said that I didn't have any plans and then he invited me to his party, at first I said maybe but then he asked again and I said no bc I'm not ready to see him and he asked me again if I really don't want to come and I said no and he said "i hope u can come next time then :)" and we kept texting about other things.

I don't know what he wants now, I just contacted him again and he started to ask me questions and got happy bc I contacted him and then invites me a few days later to his party. I think I still may have feelings for him, bc since that day I told him I didn't like him I've been thinking and missing him and regretting that I said so. But yeah, maybe he just wants to be friend.

Sorry for bad English and bad grammar, I'm tired and not good at English..


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  • it seems he was expecting it from you

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