Why is he still on my mind?

Long story short, i rarely actually like anyone but this guy got my attention after we talked more one on one (he wasn't really my type appearance wise so i never noticed him when we were with a big group of people) but he was very considerate and nice and he also reminded me of my younger cousin who i love. i knew he had a thing for me because he made it pretty obvious, but when i told him i like him, he told me that im a really great person but he isn't looking for anything serious. i was surprised because i dont even remember the last time i was rejected like that. and he didn't say it, but it was clear he just wanted sex. i wasn't with it though. im not the type. so i moved on and i dated other guys, he seemed kind of jealous when he saw me with other guys but he didn't say anything about it. we would still sometimes text and he would tell me about all these random observations he made about me which surprised me because i didn't think he cared at all. i still had some feelings for him but i didn't show it i acted like i didn't care. and he was being cold towards me too! he wasn't as friendly as he was in the beginning and some things about him completely turned me off when i got to know him more, but i still always had a little crush on him. and we haven't spoken since like last summer but he's still on my mind sometimes and i just dont understand why. this never happens to me


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  • That's what happens when you like someone, especially the unexplored.


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  • Just crush you'll get over in very shortly time


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