How do you meet girls when you shy and socially awkward?

I really hurt inside when I see people with girlfriends cause I want one like I get mad then it turns into sadness and frustration. Because I'm 24 shyness is in your personality you just can't stop it randomly and the way I'm headed I'm gonna be single forever


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  • I am not sure... joining a club thats what I really want to do!

    • I don't do anything I just work and go home

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    • I know you feel so sad and angry... and resentful maybe someone should make you some hot coca!

    • What about a dating coach and a therapist?

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  • Do you fap a lot? If you do, fapping could be contributing to your paralytic shyness infront of girls. If you do fap, I advice to go for 4 to 6 weeks without fapping. Caution: it's not going to be easy but worth it. The build-in sexual energy will pump up your confidence to approach girls.

    • Does this really work

    • No fapping does work. It works for me.

      Fapping dampens a guy's desire to approach girls. Males are physiologically hard wired to pass out sexual release. Build-up sexual urges heightens the male's desire for a girl, which in turn ramps up his energy and confidence to approach girls.

      It seems, in your case fapping, fapping has been the substitute for girls. I am like you—timid and shy, so I thought until 75 days I joined the NoFap movement. The number of girls I have approached in unusual situations surpasses last year's count. I put it down to unreleased sexual energy. Also, nofap has made me find many girls attractive. The heighten sexual urges has made me unconsciously relax my standards of the type of girls to whom I'm attracted.

    • Thing is I couldn't approach girls even before I started doing it

  • Texting/messaging is great to meet someone, but you can't waste time once you start. Get familiar with the person so you aren't paranoid when you meet up with them. Dont stay stuck in the text/message step, meet them and get to know them face to face, the only way to overcome your shyness toward someone is to get to know them!

  • get a part time job in a good nightclub as bartender.

    the overexposure to beautiful girls showing their most honest sides right in front of you, week in, week out, it will if nothing else improve your composure in front of hot girls, but then you might swing to the other extreme and start seeing beautiful girls as nothing more than another ordinary human with beautiful flesh.