Why do we feel so heartbroken over something we never had?

I'm talking about having a crush on a friend but knowing that you can never be with them, you see how happy they are with your significant other and you enjoy seeing the smile on their face as they continue to live their life together, but a part of you wishes that they would break up so that you can show them that you're just as good or even better than the other person. Why do we get the feeling that dwells deep in our stomach whenever we see anything related to their love, these are selfish thoughts we are thinking about our own needs and not of our friends'. Is it love or lust, can you really bring that person a happiness they've never experienced before or will it simply be just another failed attempt at love and at the same time the loss of a friend. I wish these feelings could just stop and that i would have never met that person, but i know deep in my heart that is a lie and regardless of whether i might be able to form a romantic relationship with that person in the future or not, i'm happy that i at least had the chance to meet them and form a fraction of their lives. Sorry this was not a question but i felt like it was best to write what was on my mind.


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  • Well go on you just reminded me of this song https://youtu.be/i-75RuOnUmM

    Honestly I've never felt the way that you do, but I felt something similar when I left my fiance
    I know that songs probably a bit far off from your situation, but honestly... A girl can not love 2 guys at the same time. Maybe you should open yourself to another type of girl. You may even have a lot of admirers you just haven't cared to notice. The best way to get over it, is to be happy for her other relationship. It sounds sickening but that'll help you adjust to it. The more you dislike her relationship the more sad you'll get


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  • Because we don't know what were missing out on and never got the chance to experience what it would be like with them whether or not it work out.


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