Guys, What does it mean when he introduces you as his girl to his friends and coworkers but as his friend to his family?

We show PDA in front of his friends but not his family yet he always wants me around him and his family. We have been dating for 2 months.


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  • Maybe he isn't ready yet to introduce you as his girl to his family. But it might happen since you and him been together for 2 months.

    • Yea cause he asked me to go with him to take his little brothers trick or treating and he introduced me as his friend to his family... my feelings were hurt but I care so much about him

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    • No he told me not to get him anything and he and his family invited me over for breakfast

    • That is cool that he doesn't want you to get him anything. The breakfast thing should be fun. Your spending time with him and the family. I hope the family doesn't ask you tough or weird questions.

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