Girls, How to star a convo with a girl I like?

Hey I'm really shy and have a few issues when it comes to chatting with girls , I get told because I'm quite big and muscular I'm very intermadating (sorry my spelling is not the best ) to talk to and get told I look quite angry a lot of the time , which is the complete opposite of my character , I'm very gentle and warm hearted and sensitive. I do come from a working class background so I can be a bit rough around the edges but it really annoys me when I see douchbag guys putting on that whole sensitive act when I can see right through them , or am I just unbearable to look at
Girls, How to star a convo with a girl I like ?


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  • To be honest, Girls love Muscular guys because because they just love it.
    it's something which attracts the women a lot. so i think the girl whom you like will be attracted because of your muscular structure first. But, with that if you'r loving and caring then that's great, Well someone can't judge you by your looks, it doesn't matters if you seem to look like an angry bird, a girl will know that sooner that you'r kind and you respect her. That's what all a girl wants in a guy. Respect.
    Try to look confident when you approach her, plaster a smile on your face , ask her name and introduce yourself. A genuine, polite greeting beats a cheesy pick-up line any day... then ask her about how's her day and did she had fun today? did she do anything fun? and listen to her carefully when she's talking. Girls love it when a guy listens to her carefully and quietly it makes them think that a guy is genuinely interested in them. ask her questions about her class, studies or work, and ask her thoughtful questions , talk about some shared experience etc and keep the conversation flowing. In this way she'll get to know you and day by day she'll like you too.
    Hope this helps. :)