Is he nervous? Is he unsure? What does he want?

so i met this guy at a friends dinner, and we really hit it off, i got all the right signals that he was interested.. he told his friends (who told me) that he thought i was amazing. that night he gave me his jacket and hugged me a bit wich was sweet when he left he said wed catch up sometime. as soon as he got home he messaged me saying it was wonderful to meet me and sent me lots of x's..

this guys a really respectful guy, but he's an elite athlete, and studies a lot. wich is fine.. but he takes forever to message me now. to the point were now we only message and contact through snapchat.. when he's on snapchat he sends loads of x's and sounds interested.. and were top firends on snapchat. but sometimes he would never reply. wich was annoying.. and after a few weeks he hadn't asked me out. so i decided, stuff it, and i asked him out for coffee. instantly he replyed saying that hed love to, and we caught up the next day, had a great time he said he wanted to catch up again.. which is good right?

but now its back to hit and miss messaging on snapchat (hes still showing that he's keen on snapchat) asking how my day was, etc..

i know he doesn't have any other girls on the go, he's not that type of guy, everyone assures me who i trust and who knows him, and he's to polite and nice..

like it just buggs me, i allways (well mostly) start the converstation, and sometimes he won't reply but he's online or whatever.. i know this is stupid.. but i hate being in a grey area.. i can move on if he's not interested, i just need to know.

and i like him, i dont want to get hurt.

is he nervous, is he unsure or is he not interested

thanks guys, know its a long boring one.. but if you have any ideas? x

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  • I think maybe he is nervous or unsure what he wants. If he wasn't interested I don't think he would reply or message you back. But I feel you should leave your options open.


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