Something is making me depressed and I have no idea what?

Im for gods sake 23 and im still depressed, something is making me depressed and i have no idea what. Maybe its the town i live in? my hometown? maybe its because i need a life change, maybe it because i realized i have no family i can count on? I feel always like i dont want to socialize.


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  • Nothing out side of your thoughts can create depression and for that matter any thing. So it is nothing outside of your mind.

    it is your mind that is causing anything you feel down or happy about. No you are not doomed. You have full ability to either keep you sick or to turn your outlook around.

    many people are serving many years in prison yet their environment is not owning their mind and they are doing remarkable strides improving their mindsets which the mind cannot be locked up. And yes there is of course that allow their situation and environment keep them down and helpless.

    It's simple think sick stay sicker.

    think positive and produce happiness and joy and comfort that everything happens for a reason and that your dreams and desires can all be produced by you belief system and mindsets.
    HERE IS HOW? I want you to write down (not here) everything you are grateful for.
    keep those close to heart and enjoy what each thing you wrote in constant gratefulness.
    Next write down what you desire to possess. Could be anything Love , happiness, a cup of coffee, a beautiful lake home, what ever the list is endless. then believe with all your heart that you will receive it then get to a point of receiveing it in your mind as if you already posses it.

    DO NOT doubt the results that you have not received yet. everything has it's own time to line up. And if you received it at the time you ask for it , you'd find an elephant in your living room if you asked to go on a safari so the timing is not your however it is in motion that very second you honestly posses it in your heart and mind and believe hardheartedly that you own that thought.
    Luckily it sounds like you can find your happiness a lot sooner than the elephant.
    Do not think about not being depressed because that will bring more depression , Think of Happiness and it will produce happiness..

    I want you to read over this over and over and practice this and get back to me at a later time. If you do this your life will change I guarantee it.


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  • How long or how often have you felt this way? Because you could have biological (chronic) depression. Otherwise, if it makes you feel any less alone, my boyfriend is 21 and he's been in and out of depression too. He also believes he shouldn't have reason to be depressed, but he is.

    • since i was 12 but i went through a really tough medical treatment then and it lasted 5 years

    • Did they help you identify a cause or tell you it was chronic?

    • Advice I gave: works for everything and everybody.

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  • Well the best way to figure out whats wrong is by writing, write the stuff that comes to your head and keep doing it till you see something that makes sense


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