Does he like me as a friend, or more?

So this guy and I have been messaging a lot recently. He messages me several times a day and we found out that we have a lot in common. He has invited me over several times to help him with work and to teach me and once out to a movie. He mentioned how this one girl he took out there couldn't stand the work and how he kissed her goodbye... so does this mean that he's into me as a friend or more (like her)?
Also, he's a senior in high school and I'm only a freshman, he does act really respectful around me though which I like. I'm just concerned because of our age difference, it kind of scares me... even if I like the guy and I'm mature for my age.


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  • I think it's very possible that he may like you more then a friend. He texts and talks to you a lot and is very open with you. The only issue would be the age difference.

  • Just ask yourself: Is he hot? IF answer is yes, bang him, if not, don't bang him.


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