What did I do wrong here?

So this guy broke up with his girlfriend in October, and from then to December we hung out all the time and were basically dating, but he said he didn't want to make it official for a little while until his ex-girlfriend calmed down. He was going to ask me out at the end of December (we had it all planned out) but then halfway through December he randomly told me that he just wanted to be friends because he "didn't want a girlfriend for a while" and because he "didn't want us to hate each other if we ever broke up." Now, at the beginning of January, he just asked out some other girl...I'm wondering if I have any chance of getting him back, and on how people think I should handle the situation. I'd love to have him back, but if that is definitely never going to happen I'd rather be friends with him than not speak with him anymore. I'm not sure what to do...

Oh, I forgot to mention..I was partially the reason he broke up with his girlfriend in October. xD So he dumped her for me, so I'm not sure if that still makes me the rebound or if it changes things or whatever...just thought I'd throw that in there :)


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  • Honestly, I don't think he'd be willing to come back. Even though your relationship wasn't "official", it sounds like you were a rebound for him because he was lonely from his breakup. Now, he wants to move on.


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