I am lost please help what does it means?

Hello their is aGuy in my school that I've seen on Facebook for me he was a boy in the same town as me but this year he is in my school I've got an eye contact with him i reconize him like the guy I've seen on Facebook and it was him but weeks after he just dont care about me its normal but i asked my friends to say hello to him to see how he was going to react but now at the beginning of the year I've put my self aside the girls i didin't want him to notice me as the girl that likes him but he was starring at me when I've put my self aside but after that he just dont care about me but last week I've ask my bff to pass in front of his table and his friend was talking to him but he was starring at me and his eyes were following me while walking and now this week i went to see a friend i knew he was there i looked at him he was starring at me like really starring at me and for Halloween my costume was a buissness woman and i was walking in front of him he was starring and follow me with jus eyes and at the end of my class i was in my school hall i asked my bff to look because he was behind me and he was starring at my butt in the same day i was next to a table and he was starring at me he wasn't moving but he was starring after that my bff was giving me a hug and his friend that was in front of him was starring at me with a little smile i want to know what all this things means?


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  • he is into you