American guys why you like Asian girls? because they are skinny/short (petite) or good in sex or cheap/easy to find?


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  • Why are you so insecure?

    • 😓 I am just wondering! It's nice to know what guys like and how they think!

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    • No I am not!

    • Well, some guys like Asian women because they're pretty. Some guys may have bad experiences with white women also.

  • For me, being short with no curves (most Asians have no boobs, no butt, they have narrow masculine hips and short legs) is not something attractive. Asians do have pretty faces though and many of them are cute. Some guys like the idea of them being submissive, but that's just a stereotype, and not reality.

    • So you dont like short girls? Or short without curves? Just wondering?

    • I prefer tall girls, preferably with wide hips. But there are many girls that don't fit that description but are still beautiful.

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