Does game actually work even if your physically unattractive and poor?

Like if your short guy, ugly and poor could having game (pickup techniques) attract goodlooking women or does it only work for semi attractive and goodlooking guys only? I mean I wouldn't call myself ugly am above average at best but am short at 5 foot 6 which i know is big downside and i dont have a lot of money plus I do work out also to stay in shape. Am always improving my self to become more sexually attractive but am finding it difficult attracting women since they always overlook me as just another ordinary guy. Girls who are single either flake when I get there numbers or are basically not interested sexually but yet have had people say am attractive person and I have lots of friends who like my company so dont understand really. So i have recently decided to learn game or pick up artistry in order to make women feel attraction for me but finding it hard using the techniques because when i begin flirting with women they start acting cold and aloof to my actions and in conversations but if its just friendly conversation they are ok with that but I have been told that if I dont flirt or sexually esculate am automaticly going to be friend zoned or not interested in me. I have been working on my approach and confidence in bars but the women in there dont look very approachable and look angry some of them.

Everytime I approach women in these bars just to strike a convo they behave strange like bitchy or disinterested or aloof. Am kinda starting to think am physcally unattractive because of rejections, can anyone help us out because I dont know what else to do to make my self physcally attractive so I thought using game might help. Am trying to understand women so I can give them what they want so that they will feel attraction for me, i mean how do I become alpha in the eyes of a women or is it looks that come first then attitude? I would appreciate your answers GAG because am lost on this subject lol


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  • Exercise helps get in shape. Talking to girls might be other way to be more social. Changing clothes and fixing yourself up differently might work. Changing personality also helps.


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