Crush is texting me a day after they gave me the let's just be friends speech?

I told my crush how I felt about them , they gave me the let's just be friends speech , I told them I don't want to be their friend because I have strong feelings for them and I can't be his friend. He asked me to think about it and said how he is going to miss me and likes me as a friend. He was having some Halloween party yesterday but I decided not to show up but my friend did because he and my crush are close friends. So my crush texts me just saying Hi but I had deleted their number out of my phone the night before so I had no idea it was him and asked who it was and how they got the number and that's when he said his name and seemed really pissed. But i'm thinking what does he expect he rejected me so why care , I'd just prefer if he left me alone and why the hell is he texting me for if he doesn't want me? also why do people always want you to be their friend after they rejected you why?


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  • He's thinking you can be friends but I'd just ignore him


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