Ever feel like the positive traits you have aren't recognised yet those same traits are recognised if they are associated with someone else?

Let me give you an example. Some people say I'm mysterious because I'm more reserved and less outgoing than others. While lots of girls may be drawn to mysterious guys I don't have drawn to me. Whereas my friend who is also known to be mysterious has girls flock to him because of this trait.

Another example is that I'm kind. I'm kind to everyone, even girls I'm attracted to. Yet it's never been focused on by girls I'm interested in dating. However, another friend of mine is also very kind and he got a girlfriend a couple of weeks ago and she said the main reason she really liked him was because of his kindness and open heart.

Ever feel like the good traits you have never seem to work in your favour but others with the same traits manage to be successful with the opposite gender because of those traits alone?


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  • Mysterious guys, there are different.
    My friend was quite and mysterious, and had a group of girls who fell in love with him. Maybe because of his blue eyes or attitude. But when you really got to meet the guy, he would help you with anything. But when he want something so bad, he would never let go of it. If he had an disagreement with him, he would never let go of it. If you were talking to him, he would ignore you. But he always had that strong mysterious character.


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