If a guy was broken up with, should you date him?

I feel like if the girl broke up with him, he'd still have feelings for her and the hurt and messiness that follows that will only hinder your relationship. Who wants to be with someone who still likes and is pining over someone else?

And the time frame I'd say it would still affect him would be like, 5 months maybe?

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  • While what you say makes sense, I think you will learn many people have been dumped and still have someone they think about. I dated a girl for three years and lived with her for a year of that, I am certainly over it and hardly ever think of her, but I still think back sometimes/ wonder about her. Few people truly tuck away past relationships, they are a part of who we are now, exes form who we are in relationships now.

    Now if he is truly pining over someone else, or not over it as in thinking about her all the time, still sad- then he should take time to sort it out before dating someone. Basically- it depends, and you can't use time as the sole indicator here.


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What Guys Said 2

  • I think 5 months is enough to get someone out of your system. It's a reasonable enough amount of time that you shouldn't be his rebound.

  • So you only date guys that have never been rejected before?

    • no, just had a bad experience with a guy who recently broken up with someone, and i feel its caused most of the problems. however he claims he broke up with her, but im really really starting to not believe that.

What Girls Said 1

  • No i would date him bc he would still be thinking of the other girl!

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