Dating leagues. Why is it always possible for women to be too good for some men but never the other way around?

If a guy can only attract unattractive women, big women etc, people will be like "At least someone likes you be grateful" or "She may have a amazing personality give her a chance" "Big girls need loving too" But if a woman is only attracting unattractive, big and broke men, She's encouraged to hold out and get the best guy she can, no one EVER tries to ENCOURAGE her to lower her standards. People will tell the guy that he's not entitled to a attractive woman, but no one ever tells women that they're not entitled to a attractive financially secure man and get to use "what if I get pregnant? i need a guy with the "best genes" as a legit excuse.


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  • Girls will tell the guy "she could have an amazing personality" and guys will tell girls "he could have an amazing personality"
    Where as the guys' and girls' friends will be the one to tell them they are too good "don't settle for a cow"

    You're question makes no sense >_>


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  • Probably because so much emphasis is placed on a woman's looks in society as that's where her initial value comes from.


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  • Because they usually false advertise. Men look their natural self all the time. Women seem to compare their enhanced looks with the natural appearance of men

  • The whole league thing is oh so silly, and it applies to both genders, believe me. Never heard a high-school girl pine over some letter jacket guy and say "he does not even know I exist..."?