Do you feel that most people now a days are not worth it to date?

I meant both guys and girls I feel like most of the population should just single themselves because they don't know what the fuck they are doing in relationships do you agree?

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  • True most people don't know what they are doing in relationships especially young ones, but no one is born knowing them. Social skills must be either taught or learned through trial and error. Since the internet age has replaced social skills and they are not taught in schools, that leaves trying to muddle through using trial and error.

    • I agree also but you think some people have common sense with some things like not tell your girlfriend her mother& grandfather is a nazi (Best friend ex did that and their German so that was offensive plus her grandfather was a nazi but he didn't knew what Hilter was doing and she loves him so that was very offensive).

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    • Oh no he just said that out of no where he has a habit where he say rude shit for no reason, peope at his school don't like him over this.

    • and he claims its joking when its really fuck up most of the time.

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  • Absolutely agree that most people in the world are not people that I would ever date. Even most women in the world but that does not really matter. It only really takes dating a few people to get a better idea of what you want and find someone just right for you.

    • I agree I already dated two fuckfaces so I know what I don't like LOL.

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    • Correct.

    • I wish you luck then. You know, once it is legal.

  • That's why I fall for girls who have probably never been in a relationship, and are smart enough to actually THINK.

  • People have a lot of bad experiences, tuff luck. Grow a pair.


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