Would you get if your car took some time to start (bit more geared towards girls)?

Would you get embarrassed if your car took some time to start? my girlfriends car takes 5-6 tries. i tease her a bit she says she feels so embarrassed and wants me to stop with the teaseing. Is it a big deal? how woukd you feel

Anyone else?
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  • I would feel bad if I had a shitty car and maybe couldn't afford one that turned on quickly. I'd feel bad if my boyfriend was teasing me about not being able to afford a nice car :/

    • i think i know what the problem is but it's costly though. She gets sad when it doesn't start cause she rmebers 2 weeks ago when this group of girls laughed at her. Like it would start then die, then blow a lot of smoke. I tease her but in a fun way. I mean if you car was smoky and kept shutting off would you be embarrassed or something along those lines? Is it cause the girls laughed when her car wouldn't start? Even thoug i was joking should i say sorry? She does get frustrated at the car

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    • Definitely apologize (honestly I feel the same way, I usually don't tell people to stop making fun of me but everytime they say something like that it's like a sudden shock and I feel like crying when it's a constant thing :/)
      Ask if she wants to go to dinner, it depends on if she likes hat kind of thing

    • ah man :( i feel like an ass :( Yes she likes dinners. Well one good thing i will tell you is that sometimes her car breaksdown and if her dad is not available, i always come and help her even if i'am busy. Yeah i will 100% say sorry

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  • Yeah, because it's embarrassing to not be able to afford repairs or a better car...

    • i know what is wrong with her car but it's kinda costly and not worth it

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    • It's still pretty embarrassing...

    • that is true, i will apologize

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  • Yeah, 'cause it means I have a shit car. Like... how am I supposed to do shit with my life if I drive a piece of crap?

    It's not really embarrassing as it is frustrating.

    If my boyfriend teased me for my car not starting (this has never happened 'cause my truck is boss) then I'd be like, "I'm sorry, do you want to drive? Or do you have the money for a new car? No? Then pipe down and think encouraging thoughts!"

    • like these other people laughed at her then she got all sad, i tease and joke around but i dont mean it in a bad what. you seem a bit pumped for this lol.

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    • it wasn't anything bad, but if it makes her happier i will

    • You say sorry and she'll say, "it's okay," and that'll be the end of it.

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