What should I do? Am I wrong?

Me and my boyfriend have been dating for over 2 years. When we recently started dating he forced me to delete my Instagram because he did not like I had men on it and they were commenting and liking my photos, so I did. A month ago he created one to post his lifestyle things. I had a private one for family members. As he made one he slowly started to follow just girls, few men he knew. He also followed his ex's. A few weeks later He was on his instagram and a DM popped out from his ex he deleted the conversation but because of the update one message was there and he did not expect that. As weeks went by he started to like many female photos. A friend told me he been liking photos of private females as well. To clear things out, I do not feel comfortable about it, because he NEVER EVER compliments me at all. Does not make me feel good about myself. Always has negative things to say about me. He never makes me feel pretty, cute or beautiful. Worst part is, he calls those female photos he likes on instagram "pretty" "cute" etc. When I tell him I do not like it that he likes their photos because it makes me feel insecure because HE does not say anything nice about me he calls it "nagging" or "complaining". He also says he will stop doing it, but goes and likes photos of females that are not private. It is upsetting towards me because he shows no affection, does not make me feel nice about myself, and thinks what he is doing is fine. I told him if he ONCE for once told me I look nice or whatever I would not be this way, but when you call other females pretty and speak to them, show them you like how they look, makes me feel like shit about myself. I do not know what to do, I stopped saying anything to him about it, Just letting it build up in myself.


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  • Why are you with him? If he doesn't make you feel good, and makes you feel like shit then you shouldn't be in a relationship with him. For me hearing that, it only means to me that you really think you can't get someone else other than him and that you really are extremely insecure about yourself to be accepting to be put in such a situation.

    I'm sorry if my words sounded harsh, but this is what i think and i'm good at this stuff. My advice to you is: No matter what, and no matter how much you think you are unattractive (btw many girls THINK they are unattractive although they are freakin ANGELS but they just don't know it, i know many girls like that) you should never accept to be put in a situation like that. If he doesn't show you love or affection, then you can't stay with him. If you told him about how you feel and what you just exactly told us and he didn't do anything about it or changed his attitude, then you should not stay with him cause he doesn't even care for you or respect you enough to make you happy.

    The only reason you would stay with him is if you REALLY know that he loves you but he doesn't like to show it, and in your case i'm not sure if it's that because you don't seem like you know of he loves you or not.

    Good luck

    As a side note: i think you need to work on your insecurities and improve and strengthen your self as a person, this way you will become way more confident and that confidence usually always translate into more attractiveness. The way to do it is tackle everything you do NOT like about yourself and fix it. For example: when i was young i used to hate how weak i was in school and was never able to defend myself, that affected my self-esteem and confidence greatly. I decided to tackle that issue about myself so i started working out and getting stronger and facing my fears. Now my self-esteem and confidence is more than 10 times higher.

    Good luck again.

    • I rejected many men to be with him, because i thought he was not like the others. Even now men want to be with me (not to sound cocky lol) by i stay faithful to my boufriend because i love him a lot and being through so much just made us stronger as a couple, but this is just bringing everything down. He tells me he loves me and not to worry about it, but his actions tell me differently. Even though other men compliment me, I want the one person I am with to do so, not other men. Nothing you are saying is harsh, and I understand it 100%. Just when your partner compliments you it means so much more rather when it is a stranger. I honestly do not ask anything of him, to just not to compliment other females at least not infront of me. Because I do not get any attention out from him. When we argue is when he says he is giving me attention because it takes time out of his schedule which is upsetting as well. I told him my feelings are not a problem if you cannot understand or accept them,.

    • I don't know why you told him your feelings are not a problem if he cannot understand them. If he can't respect your feelings then he's doing something wrong there.

      I don't know what to tell you other than that, i think you guys need to just sit and talk calmly about it. Make your points more clear and state how much it bothers you. If you did and he still doesn't care then there is a problem right there.

      Plus, it's extremely hypocritical that he once told you to delete your Instagram cause guys liked your pics while he is having an Instagram account himself and liking other girls' pics. Make sure you let him know that, andi f he keeps insisting then you make another instagram account and if it made him angry again and bothered him then tell him that what he just felt is the same of what you were feeling. Maybe he'l understand by then

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  • This doesn't seem like a healthy relationship from what you described. Your boyfriend should be just that, yours. And if he's complimenting other girls and not you I fear that's bad news. You deserve someone who treats you better and just drowns you in compliments because he's so lucky to have you.
    My best advice is to just leave him. I know that's extreme but you don't need his negativity and unlovigness you really don't. I know yes it sucks to be alone but isn't it better to be happy alone than to be together and miserable?


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  • Dump him it sounds like the relationship is starting to fall apart might as well end it before you get hurt in the end.

  • If he doesn't make you feel beautiful or worth it, why are you with him then? I suppose you love him and all, but what do you love about him? Does it overcome all the bad things?