Ladies if you sign up for any dating website would it be only because you was bored or because you was looking for love?

Most of the time hear about a guy found a woman on a dating website, he emails her, but she didn't email him back at first cause like any typical female they play hard to get just to think of themselves as a grand prize for men to win over (which I disagree) she wasn't looking for a relationship, plus she says she has a lot of great thiings going for her in her life, she thinks having a man will bring her down. Me I think she's thinking she's too good for him, and no human should think there better than the other... So once he keeps emailing her, she gives him a chance and sees he's not so bad, then that's how both him and her became a couple and end up married.

If it was me emailing a woman online, if she didn't respond back cause she thought at first I wasn't her type, I would of already moved on. I don't like it when someone thinks little of me. Even if she did changed her mind about me after words all because at first she gotten out of a relationship from her ex and didn't want any man's attention. Ladies don't lump every man into the horrible male category just because your ex was no good. You'd be letting a good guy go to waste.

  • A.) Yeah women go on those sites just to look for friends at first, then later on not realising she starts to fall for a guy
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  • B.) women do go on those site to look for love, and they don't think a guy to emails her first is not her type
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  • I'm looking for a husband


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