What just happened with this guy?

So there's this guy.. I knew he was very interested in me but I already knew he was already dating ( not a girlfriend yet) and sleeping with a girl (someone told me but he doesn't know I knew). It totally felt like he was hiding he was seeing someone. Despite the fact he was already seeing someone, I didn't see myself with him... so one day I told him about all the things that happened with guys and the guys who were insterested in me.. and he seemed jealous and right after i was done telling about the stories, he suddenly told me he was dating someone.. he went on one date with her and how she was the one who approached him and asked for his number and also asked to hang out and etc. And that they talk all the time and he likes her.

I am just wondering why he would suddenly blast all the informations to me all of the sudden?


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  • Because you blasted him with all of that information all of a sudden? I mean come on, did you not even read your own post.


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