Is there anything wrong with asking out a girl three days after a breakup?

Me and my girlfriend just broke up over the weekend and im pretty much over her probably because I've been keeping busy and not thinking about it a lot. I told my buddy that i would ask out a girl on the next school day (Monday) just so i can completely forget about my ex and i dont want to be moping around all week next week because im thinking about her all the time. Would this be okay?


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  • If it helps you feel better then go for it. I think you need to think about what is best for *you* though. Like, it's totally normal to take time to grieve the relationship, analyse what happened, and look into how to do better for yourself. If you're just bouncing from relationship to relationship to avoid thinking about things, it's really not good or healthy for yourself.


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  • There isn't anything wrong with it, but I don't necessarily think it's healthy to do at this moment. You need to give yourself more time to grieve. I know you said you're over it, but I would take some extra time. Asking another girl out so soon is impulsive, I think. I just got dumped a few weeks ago the night of my best friend's wedding, and I'm still grieving. Dating will definitely take your mind off of her, and it will help, but I'd give yourself some time, and when you do date, don't dive into anything serious for a while. It's okay to mope and it's okay to be sad. You have every right to do so. Just don't let it overwhelm you.


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  • If it was a long relationship and you actually care for and loved the girl, dont do it. You dont feel upset now because it has not hit you yet. Asking out another girl is just going to cause more problems and quite honestly is just a rebound relationship. You can't use another girl to get iver your ex. Give yourself time to get yourself together before you go looking for another girl.

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