Should I say this to the guy I like?

I was thinking about messaging the guy I like saying this "hey this is Leah's friend she left her phone for a bit but I just thought I should tell you she likes you but would never say it because she's too shy" should I say that and if he respond not good or doesn't respond at all I'll just say "sorry my friend said that don't listen to her"


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  • That is so childish and immature. You're a grown woman. Tell him you like him yourself

    • So would I just say "hey I like you" and I would but how about if he doesn't feel the same way, he'd probably hate me after and not wanna be friends anymore ):

    • Telling someone you like or love them is always nice to hear. What if someone came up to you and said that, would you hate them? That's ridiculous. If he doesn't feel the same at least you'll know so you can get on with your life. The not knowing is killing you. If he says "I'm not ready" then you say "when you are call me IF I'm still single". Don't wait around for something that probably won't happen

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  • What are you, 13? Because this is the shit I did at 13. If I like a guy now, I either tell them or flirt my ass off for them to know I do. Not this immature crap.


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  • No, you should say "Hey big boy, bom chica bom-bom". That gets guys every time.


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