What would all you do?

how do you tell your crush you like them even though you are good friends?


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  • You could send a text/ write a letter/send her a song! many things?

    • We've texted a lot and I've taken her to lunch but I'm not sure if she's just being friendly or likes me. She's a really friendly person.

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    • What's a good text to send?

    • I don't know what she like.. just say hey...

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  • I'm gonna do it soon.
    Maybe start with, "did you know that 90% of guys are attracted to most of their good female friends". And continue from there.

    I think I'm gonna say "I have really, really liked you, for a long time..."

    • We've texted and hung out in groups. Lately a lot
      Of other guys have tried to take her out and she was interested in them. But she's a friendly person so I'm not sure if she likes me or is just being friendly.

    • It'll always be a risk. Just letting you know that.

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  • Let's bang!

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