Do you think his interested? or just being nice?

we have classes together mondays and wednesdays at 7 am, I was talking to my friend in our class and I didn't know the new guy I'm interested in and my most recent ex have the same name, so when I talking about my ex, the new guy was like "why are you talking about me?" and we were like "wtf, we aren't talking about you.. we don't even know you" and his like "oh my god I am so sorry, its just my name is... too." Last week we were put in the same group (the new guy) and we instantly connected after he heard my converstation with my other friend in our class.. Like he kept talking to me and no one else. Put his phone in his pocket and foucsed on all me.. and called me pretty lol.. But he never came to class that Wednesday, what do you think I should do? HELP!


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  • Just keep talking to him. He will warm up to you. Throw some hint to him to see he will caught on to you liking him.

    answer mine please?

    • I don't know, because he literally is always on his phone, sleeping, or coming in late.. Like what should I say to him tomorrow? and Of course :)!

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    • lmao, I am literally terrified. Like i feel like we only talked because it was just the heat of the moment.

    • i said hey to him today and he completely ignored me and put his head phones on lmao.

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