What was your most creative date idea?

Alright this question is more toward the guys, sorry girlies! Recently it's occurred to me that boys don't usually come up with much for date ideas... Like on their own... Without hints as to what the girl wants... And I'm curious if maybe gag can prove this thought wrong! So guy: what have you done or plan to do for an elaborate, cute, or creative date? Girls, what has your guy or your past guy done that impressed you? :)


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  • I just use the same first date over and over since it's so good. Take the ferry to the main restaurant area in my city and go to a restaurant I think she likea best. Either eat at the reataurant or take the food to go and eat it at a bench overlooking the river with the city as a backdrop (it's very pretty with the lights glistening on the river). Then get dessert and walk by the river and go to this small and very beautifully crafted buddhist monastery (go for a kiss there if there's no one around), then walk back for the ferry (go for a kiss if I didn't by the monastery), if I don't think she's receptive enough for a kiss then I take her to the ferris wheel that's in the same area and go for a kiss there. Then take the ferry back and hold her close because it's usually cold with the wind. Every girl I've taken has absolutely loved it.


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  • Well, I haven't gone on an official date, but I've "set up" hangouts. Since girls never provide fucking hints, guys actually do come up with date ideas on our own.

    The first time I hung out with my crush I had the idea to go geocaching, and that made it a pretty interesting time. Lots of time for talking because we just wandered around fields and stuff looking for the geocache.


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