What do I do in this situation with my professor?

I have a professor that I felt a mutual attraction to since the first day of class but we'd never even talked to eachother. I figured I was just being delusional though. Two weeks ago we spoke for the first time and after our conversation he asked if maybe I'd like to get coffee with him sometime after the semester ended. It was really abrupt and I was taken back but I said I'd think about it. Is this professional? I won't be taking anymore classes from him and I'm not majoring in his department, but I'm not sure if he can get in trouble or not for this. I'll also be leaving onto grad school after this coming spring semester, but still. He's also around 10 years older than me.

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  • You're not delusional. You won't believe all the professors I see trying to hit on the pretty girls in class lol.. It's one of those things where us guys can just tell when another guy is trying to hit on a girl and vice versa you know?

    My brain is telling me it's a bad idea, but what do I know, I was in a similar situation before and I almost got trapped by the temptation.


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  • Depending on the school you are attending, for a professor to have a relationship with a student, that goes beyond teacher/student, can cause him to lose his job. While it is unlikely that a relationship would influence your grade (since you're not going to take any more of his classes), it could be misconstrued as that by other faculty and students. How much longer do you have before you're done with school? Perhaps you could keep the lines of communication open, and see what happens when you're done.

    • Thanks for your advice. I'll be leaving the college I'm at after May 2016.

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  • You both are adults, after the course is over he is no longer your professor. However depending on your school rules etc. It's still not right to date a student, but I'm not sure if they're referring to an actual student in the course or the school itself. I've had something similar, things didn't work out just because we were going in two different directions, he wasn't teaching me at the time either so there wasn't any pressure.