Why am I always "too good" for a man?

I'm a single mommy and I'm 23. I'm picky about who I date because of my child. Lately every guy I've talked to or went out on a date or two with (3 men, in 2years) they tell me the exact same thing: "you're really perfect, my dream girl, I can't believe you're single but you're too good to hurt and I don't want to hurt you". What does that even mean? And after they tell me that, they get into a relationship with some other woman... it hurts. Is there something wrong with me? I let them know right away that I do not " hook up", I also do not want a relationship right away because I want to build a friendship first and get to know each other before all of that. Why am I not good enough to be relationship material but good enough not to "hurt".


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  • "What does that even mean?' That means that they were trying to late ya off easy without hurting ya feelings I'm guessing (they probably wanted to leave the R-ship with you feeling as if they got the shorter end on the stick. So you wouldn't feel bad or whatever)



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  • I don't want to be a daddy (step). They obviously have standards and don't want the responsibility of which I'm sure of your beautiful child. Your having the right approach, just meeting the selfish guys. Keep at those tactics and you are bound to meet some-one who wants to be with you and the child. Have you tried dating other single fathers? some common ground in this lifelong field (raising the kid) could ease the pressure.


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  • don't be hurt... wait for right guy..


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  • Thats a BS! HA! Bunch of wannabee... they see it as a challenge and give up!

  • Maybe they think your nieve, or they just can't handle the child. Men make up all types of excuses to back out. Are you clingy type or come off as too eager or desperate... I think the men who backed out were doing you a favor.. I mean they could have at least been honest. Where are you meeting these guys..

    • No, not clingy at all actually the opposite. I'm very guarded because I've been hurt a lot in the past. And I meet them through family or mutual friends.

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    • "You are doing right by being selective with who you let in. Since you have a child. " Just because she has a child does NOT mean she is better than those who don't! I also have a right to be selective for my own emotional and physical benefit, not just her. And no I am childless at the moment or just free -whatever.

    • @TenderFantasy You can take that however you please sweetie.

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