What is he going for here?

This guy I met earlier this school year added me on Facebook a couple weeks ago and we have hung out a couple times. One of those times while we were drunk he basically begged me to come over so I did but we were both drunk. It was cool we talked and watched a little bit of home alone. We talked about how we met and things like that. Then we started making out and things went from there if you know what I mean. We have snapchatted today and stuff but I'm worried i might have met things up here. He said he likes to take things slow but I'm worried that things might be messed up since I slept with him and we aren't dating but we were both drunk and it was a moment weakness. Should I wait for him to text me or see if he asks to hangout? Would it be bad to see what he thinks about last night? Or just let it go and assume it was all because we were drunk?


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  • What do you mean by ''have met things up''? Hooking up doesn't mean have to be in exclusive form.

    • I meant messed things up

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    • Has he asked you out yet..

    • No not yet he asked me to go over there and hang out a couple weeks ago. But he said he's "taking it slow"

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